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Bring Clarity in the Face of Complexity!

We're empowering entrepreneurs with truly transformational strategy and support services to make them win in their markets.

WYLDE International Scalerizer Program C

Who We are:

WYLDE International founded in 2004,  is an Unmatched Strategy and Entrepreneurship firm that equips and empowers entrepreneurs and their support institutions to succeed. We have grown into the leading Strategy and Entrepreneurship development firm in the region.

What we do:

WYLDE works with ambitious entrepreneurs seeking to grow and scale their businesses while delivering impactful products and services to their customers. Wylde has worked with over 500 entrepreneurs in cohorts or directly and enabled many of them to create jobs, grow their incomes and profitability.


Our Services:


Entrepreneurship Solutions.


WYLDE international has built unparalleled expertise and experience working with entrepreneurs in Africa and Beyond. Creating different solutions for different levels of entrepreneurship not limited to startup programs, programs for growth-stage entrepreneurs, coaching, workshops and consulting processes for Larger SMEs and entrepreneur-led companies.



We conduct world class business coaching using our unique methodology, developed over time that enables entrepreneurs and organizational leaders to diagnose key issues in their organisations that they need to resolve in order to improve performance and build their organisations to the next level. 


We conduct in-depth and innovative strategy planning and review sessions for Medium Sized to large Organisations as well as assisting with implementation of those plans. We will work with you to not only put in place a strategy but to also develop the right people, systems and structures to support the strategic plan so proposed.

Our News:

Our Partners and Clients

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