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WYLDE International  partners with Business Service Organizations (BSOs) across different sectors to provide much needed business support to SMEs across Africa.

Why partner with WYLDE?


In this ever-changing world, to ensure business sustainability, we need to approach entrepreneurial development through collaboration and partnership. WYLDE International is building dynamic, mutually beneficial partnerships with business service organizations to advance growth of businesses in Africa and address challenges that businesses face in relation to entrepreneurial development. By collaborating and leveraging each other’s unique capabilities, together we can ensure business growth and sustainability.


What we offer to our partners:


We work with our partners, to provide access to business training and support, to the SMEs in their network in: 

* Product Development and Marketing.

* Access to funding and Financial Management.

* Operations and Processes.

* People, Behavior and Culture.

* Risk, Governance and Control.

* Sustainability and Social Impact.

* And any other area the business may need.

Through our vast network of industry experts.

Our Partners.

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