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Fairtrade Africa, in collaboration with WYLDE International, has initiated a groundbreaking project aimed at supporting Fairtrade-certified small producer organizations in Africa to develop and expand their businesses. This joint venture seeks to empower these organizations and enable them to thrive in the competitive market landscape.

Image by Abubakar Balogun
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  • Achieve Fairtrade's goal of having 150 quality brand products in the market by 2025.

  • Equip producer organizations with entrepreneurial skills and knowledge.

  • Foster business innovation, growth, and management skills. 

  • Promote venture building for farmers.

  • Implement sustainable learning and succession planning.

Supported Tea Producer Organizations

  • Nduti Tea Factory 

  • Mungania Tea Factory

  • Gacharage Tea Factory

  • Chinga Tea Factory

  • Gatunguru Tea Factory

Identifying Growth Opportunities

  1. Entrepreneurial Skills and Knowledge:

    • Provide producer organizations with essential entrepreneurial skills.

    • Equip them with knowledge to drive business innovation and growth.

    • Enhance management capabilities.

  2. Venture Building

    • Support farmers in establishing and expanding their own ventures.

    • Provide necessary resources, expertise, and support.

    • Encourage entrepreneurship among small producers.

  3. Sustainable Learning and Succession Planning

    • Develop systems and processes for knowledge transfer.

    • Ensure continuity in the event of a management team's exit.

    • Enable organizations to thrive and grow under changing leadership.

Benefits and Impact

  • Empower Fairtrade-certified small producer organizations in Africa.

  • Create a conducive environment for sustainable development.

  • Improve livelihoods and income generation for farmers.

  • Foster business growth, innovation, and market presence.

  • Contribute to the realization of Fairtrade's vision.

Why Fairtrade?

  • Fairtrade ensures fair prices and premiums, enabling the farmers to earn a living income and improve their livelihoods.

  • Fairtrade promotes sustainable farming practices, environmental conservation and the efficient use of natural resources within producer organizations.

  • Fairtrade supports gender equality by empowering women within producer organizations, providing equal opportunities and promoting women's leadership roles.

  • Fairtrade upholds human rights standards, promotes empowerment and invests in the social and economic development of producers.

  • Fairtrade offers stable and fair prices for products, protecting producer organizations against market fluctuations. Additionally, Fairtrade premium enable investments in community development project.

  • The market differentiation and consumer trust associated with Fairtrade certification drive demand for their products.

To order sustainably produced teas from Fairtrade-certified producer organizations in Africa, please reach out to Fairtrade Africa at

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