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Women Entrepreneurship for Africa (WE4A)

The Women Entrepreneurship For Africa (WE4A) program is a European-funded program implemented by WYLDE International through GIZ. 


The goal of the program is to build the capacity of Kenyan Female Founders from TEF Alumni Network with

tailor-made trainings and coaching/mentoring sessions and support the creation of linkages.

Program Overview

The objective of the program is to enable women entrepreneurs to flourish and contribute to employment  creation in their communities through the following:  

● Enhanced business capacities - Download the WE4A Business Directory Below

● Integration into local and regional value chains 

● Access to financial services

The action is implemented through 3 components


Entrepreneurship training and seed capital for African women entrepreneurs.

​The focus of the first component is the provision of gender-sensitive entrepreneurship training and seed capital for  African women entrepreneurs through the Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF). 2,420 African women entrepreneurs are being prepared to navigate their businesses through the start-up and early growth phase.



Support to link African women entrepreneurs to private-sector networks and provision of technical assistance.

The second component seeks to link African women entrepreneurs to established private sector initiatives and provide technical assistance through the “Employment and Skills for  Development in Africa” (E4D) programme. Based on the experience of E4D and existing networks, TEF alumni will be linked with larger lead businesses and integrated into their supply chains, integrated into other relevant GIZ programme activities, and provided with technical assistance that fosters their business development. The component aims at improving the enterprises’ overall competitiveness and supporting their access to markets and finance.



Acceleration and Growth program, including 2nd stage financing for advanced African women entrepreneurs. 

The third component supports selected female TEF alumni with an accelerator and growth program and the provision of 2nd stage financing. The ticket size of mostly 10.000–50.000 EUR  will be dependent on the enterprises’ needs and due diligence. To secure second-stage financing is a major  stepping stone for the female-led enterprises to become fully bankable and to capitalise on the employment potential of their businesses

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