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Joram Mwinamo

Joram is fondly referred to as the chief entrepreneur in East Africa. His high entrepreneurial empathy and strategic mind has seen him inspire the success of many businesses. Joram is a management consultant, coach, and Motivational Speaker,  passionate about Africa and seeing its people achieve the greatness that is inherent in them while enabling them to have global influence in business, education & life.


At WYLDE International, Joram, aside from being the company CEO and Founder, is a leading strategy and entrepreneurship consultant across Africa, with experience in carrying out organization change programs from the design stage to implementation. He is also the brainchild behind the SNDBX, an innovative one-stop-shop for supporting SMEs and the only one of its kind globally. 


Chris Odongo

Christopher Odongo is a strategic planning consultant and business coach with 22 years experience working with SMEs across Africa. He is creative and practical in his approach. He has top skills in business coaching, strategy development, facilitation, leadership development, and personal development.


At WYLDE International, Christopher leads a team of brilliant consultants and associates to deliver an inspirational growth program for entrepreneurs that to date has transformed more than 300 businesses. If you are looking to build a robust entrepreneurship ecosystem or to build an organization from startup to growth stage or to motivate entrepreneurs or employees to achieve their goals, Christopher is the right person for the job.


Kiriinya Kithinji 

Kiriinya is a financial services professional with over 19 years’ experience gained through serving in challenging relationships, operations, investment banking, and leadership roles in a leading multinational bank and a local private equity firm.


He has broad experience in the financial sector, having worked with various companies, chamaas, teachers and young adults, on areas such as retirement planning, company valuation, building a long term savings culture, personal financial management, and leveraging credit and working capital to grow SMEs. His top advice for individuals regarding financial wellness: "Cut off all unnecessary expenditure, then save and invest for the future."


The WYLDE Directors

Critical to the day to day and strategical work of WYLDE is the directorship who on a day to day basis ensure that WYLDE is powering winners and enterprise! 

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