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The Leadership and Management Development Program (LAMP)

LAMP is a Leadership and Management program by ForwardSurge Consultants in collaboration with WYLDE International that helps SMEs build the necessary leadership and management skills to boost productivity and growth across the entire organization.

Program Overview

We offer a sustained curriculum that focuses on different aspects of management and leadership over a period and incorporate one to one coaching to bring out the learning to their day-to-day activities.  


Session 1: Insights into Behaviours and Personalities:

This is a leadership module that allows the individual to discover and understand themselves and others. This allows them to gain a deep insight into themselves and their colleagues.  

  1. Uncover meaning in preferences and behaviour. 

  2. Learn to adapt and connect with others to create strong and effective relationships

  3. Applying different perspectives

  4. Discovering our preferences

  5. Adapting and connecting with others



Session 2: Quality Thinking:

This is a management development module that helps managers understand how to solve problems in an organization. It equips managers with a new way of looking at challenges and gives them an effective tool to tackle even the most complex of problems and come up with innovative solutions. They can then use this tool with their teams

  1. Root cause analysis

  2. Models for problem solving

  3. Creating an innovative culture

  4. Stakeholder analysis mapping and action plan

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Session 3: Leadership in 3D  

This is a leadership module aimed at helping managers discover leadership. It focuses on personal leadership as a precursor to team leadership. Participants get to discover excellence, develop effectiveness and empower their teams.

  1. Discovering, understanding and leading ourselves

  2. Directing and leading others

  3. Leadership Foundations

  4. Attitudes for success

  5. Personal Success Principles

  6. 5 Principles of Excellence

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Session 4: Coaching and mentoring for improved performance  

  1. Leader/manager as coach and mentor

  2. Coaching for Improved performance 

  3. Breakthrough performance through coaching

  4. Objective management

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Session 5: Effective Communication and Delegation  

This module seeks to empower managers to be able to be effective in their communication with their team members and shows the models of a delegation that works.  

  1. Effective delegation

  2. Situational Leadership and management

  3. Communication in the workplace

  4. Active Listening Skills

  5. Giving Feedback for performance improvement

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Session 6: Time management, motivation and prioritization  

Staying organized is the first step in taking control of all your responsibilities and priorities. This begins with time management, the scarcest of all resources. With a strong emphasis on self-awareness and self-management, this module seeks to train in goal setting, planning and prioritization.


  1. Set goals correctly

  2. Prioritize wisely

  3. How to complete tasks

  4. Be organized, stay flexible and deal with non-essential tasks

  5. Plan ahead


LAMP Program Facilitator.

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Peril. J. Alubbe.

P.J Alubbe is a human capital and leadership development expert with over 20 years’ of experience working with corporates and SMEs, He is pragmatic in his approach, and has top skills in strategic thinking, adaptive learning, personal leadership development and change management. As a Board harmonizer, PJ is a social architect who generates impact through behavior change programs, having authored a number of books on leadership development. He is the founder and CEO of Forward Surge Consultants and serves on the FilmLab board and is also Chair of the KIBIA board.

At WYLDE International, P.J Alubbe is the LAMP Facilitator and Business Coach extraordinaire. If you're looking to build your leadership skills to unlock your limitless opportunities, he is the man for the job.

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