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WYLDE International provides bespoke strategy and business transformation services to growth and maturity-stage owner-managed businesses in all industry sectors. Due to the unique challenges faced by this segment in areas such as funding, governance, succession, culture, strategy, and digitalization, we offer strategic and innovative direction to enable business owners to successfully create and manage their wealth. We do this through our ‘market-first’ framework all whilst following the principles of inversion, where we assist in the implementation of initiatives that will help businesses get ahead of the curve and experience growth and process improvements as early as three months in. 


Our client portfolio cuts across a range of sectors from legal services and financial advisory to agriculture and manufacturing. Prior to our intervention most of them were (struggling with):

  • Stagnation in growth - There has been a halt in business ideation and innovation.

  • Lacking systems and processes - Thus making it difficult to streamline business operations.

  • Working capital gaps.

  • Ageing assets that are difficult to replace - Mainly in the form of human capital.

  • Seeking funding for expansion into new markets.

  • Succession and continuity planning- Founders worried about the legacy of the organisation.

  • Researching and understanding new markets.

  • Ill-equipped managers- Require leadership training to effectively lead and manage their teams.

  • Workplace Culture and Change Management.

  • Go to market strategy.

  • Leadership.

  • Crisis management.


If you are struggling with any of the above and feel there is a disconnect between your vision for the business and the results being seen, we can help. The growth and maturity stages of any business need innovative strategic planning to survive and thrive in the market and with our expertise on your side, you can do just that.

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