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Business Development Services

Helping Business' flourish well together through  structured Business Development.

Business Development Services

Take your organization to the next level by trusting in an organization that will show you how to scale your outcome-driven strategies.


WYLDE International is known for its outcome-driven, entrepreneur-focused business development process.


Our business development support evaluates and recommends strategic touchpoints and activities that will transform entrepreneurs' businesses and lead to revenue growth.  Organizations working with WYLDE International can expect rave reviews from entrepreneurs taking part in their programs.

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SME Clubs

Helping SMEs flourish well together through their mentorship clubs by providing or expert advice tailored to SMEs


Our SME Club sessions are designed and tailored based on the key areas of focus from joint needs assessment analysis. Once certain areas of focus are identified, we then craft a curriculum to address these issues through training or workshops.


This process is led by our strategy consultants who have over 15 years of experience. With this approach, we have seen a transformation in businesses and improvement in business club customer satisfaction.

Distributor Programs 

WYLDE International has been actively involved in ensuring that leading FMCG companies in the countries stay in touch with their distribution channels.


This has been through organizing training sessions around sales, customer service, and strategic positioning as a distributor within the FMCGs network in the region.

We help you handle the complexities of managing teams spread across multiple channels and locations 

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