Scalerizer is a powerful strategy workshop that challenges business owners to rethink their business strategies and uncover critical steps to capture market opportunities and grow their businesses.

A hands-on consulting experience, broken down into four sessions and delivered in three months

How Does Scalerizer Benefit My Business


Get to clearly understand your audience and discover opportunities to communicate your product and service offering creating value for both your business and the customers​


Get to strategize and plan around objectively communicating your uniqueness to gain a sustainable competitive advantage


Learn ways to engage your team into aligning their personal expectations to that of the business for better results


Discover key areas of focus to work on to grow your revenue, by applying tried and tested techniques that have seen our clients grow


Scalerizer is delivered within a three month period broken down to four sessions.

These include;

  • Full day strategy session with a business expert who walks you through a sustainable value proposition, profitable revenue model and helps you identify viable market opportunities that will see you unlock the true value of your business. The strategy session entails. Market repositioning, how effectively to reach and capture different target audiences, identify new opportunities coming out of the pandemic, increase revenue and profitability,  come up with the innovative initiatives in order to help accelerate your business growth 

  • Followed up by two separate one-on-one Executive deep coaching sessions with a prolific  business expert for the purpose of walking you  through the implementation of the proposed action plans 

  • With the last session being a Peer-to-peer consulting workshop with fellow Business owners, hereby giving you the opportunity to network and connect with like minded individuals  , that acts as an accountability and consulting session with other fellow business owners 

Scalerizier Program Facilitators

Chris Odongo

He's is a strategic planning consultant and business coach with 22 years experience working with SMEs across Africa. He is creative and practical in his approach. He has top skills in business coaching, strategy development, facilitation, leadership development, and personal development.

At WYLDE International, Christopher Odongo leads a team of brilliant consultants and associates to deliver an inspirational growth program for entrepreneurs that to date has transformed more than 300 businesses. If you are looking to build a robust entrepreneurship ecosystem or to build an organization from startup to growth stage or to motivate entrepreneurs or employees to achieve their goals, Christopher is the right person for the job.

George Saltai

George empowers Startup firms and SMEs to grow their business by giving them the strategy, technology, and skills to become a trusted brand.

He has helped organizations to make better decisions, convert those decisions to actions and deliver the sustainable success they desire.

For more than 7 years, he's been passionate about achieving better results for clients—results that go beyond financial and are uniquely tailored, pragmatic, holistic and enduring.

His passion in life has become sharing his know-how with Startup and SMEs firms who can't quite mesh the details with the big picture. If you want to do more impactful work for more appreciative clients, you need George.

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