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Scalerizer helps you master the basics of entrepreneurship and business strategy to unlock the steps to sustainable business growth and turn your business into a success.

How Does Scalerizer Benefit Your Business

Identify your key target market

Get to clearly understand your audience and discover opportunities to communicate your product and service offering, creating value for both your business and the customers​

Clarify Value Proposition

Get to strategize and plan objectively, how to communicate your uniqueness to gain a sustainable competitive advantage

Get your team on the same page

Learn ways to engage your team into aligning their personal expectations to that of the business for better results.

Grow your Revenue

Discover key areas of focus to work on to grow your revenue, by applying tried and tested techniques that have seen our clients grow

Program Overview

Scalerizer is delivered within a three month period broken down to four sessions.


Full day strategy session with a business expert who walks you through a sustainable value proposition, profitable revenue model and helps you identify viable market opportunities that will see you unlock the true value of your business. 


One-on-one, in-depth coaching sessions with a trained and certified business expert for the purpose of walking you  through the implementation of the proposed action plans 


Peer-to-peer consulting workshop with fellow business owners, where you get the opportunity to network and connect with like minded individuals. This is an accountability and consulting session with fellow business owners conducted under the guide of a coach.

Scalerizer Program Facilitators

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Chris Odongo

He's is a strategic planning consultant and business coach with 22 years experience working with SMEs across Africa. He is creative and practical in his approach. He has top skills in business coaching, strategy development, facilitation, leadership development, and personal development.

At WYLDE International, Christopher Odongo leads a team of brilliant consultants and associates to deliver an inspirational growth program for entrepreneurs that to date has transformed more than 300 businesses. If you are looking to build a robust entrepreneurship ecosystem or to build an organization from startup to growth stage or to motivate entrepreneurs or employees to achieve their goals, Christopher is the right person for the job.

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Peril. J. Alubbe.

P.J Alubbe is a human capital and leadership development expert with over 20 years’ of experience working with corporates and SMEs, He is pragmatic in his approach, and has top skills in strategic thinking, adaptive learning, personal leadership development and change management. As a Board harmonizer, PJ is a social architect who generates impact through behavior change programs, having authored a number of books on leadership development. He is the founder and CEO of Forward Surge Consultants and serves on the FilmLab board and is also Chair of the KIBIA board.

At WYLDE International, P.J Alubbe is the Lead Scalerizer Facilitator and Business Coach extraordinaire. If you're looking to define the best fit strategy for your business and unlock limitless opportunities, P.J is the man for the job.

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