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The Entrepreneurship Mindset That Propels Growth and Scale

What is an entrepreneurship mindset?

To break it down, entrepreneurship is about seeking problems that one can create solutions for, profitably so. The entrepreneurship mindset is about the programming of one's thought pattern, in alignment with a particular belief. Therefore, an entrepreneurship mindset is constantly looking for life’s challenges, only for the purpose of designing keys to unlock opportunities therein, in a sustainable manner. This kind of mindset can be a gift from birth, born out of painful experiences, or nurtured through association, whether in school or from influence by those in the journey of entrepreneurship.

Whichever way one acquires the mindset, it is like a muscle that requires constant use and stretching.

Unsettling environments, challenges that cause continuous frustration, and difficulties that keep one awake thinking of answers; are the kinds of atmospheres that keep the entrepreneur's

mind churning with ideas. Entrepreneurs may at times sound absurd as they are not constrained in their

exploratory thinking, nor are they limited in possibility by the rational.

Opportunity seeking

The entrepreneur’s mindset is one whose sight is trained to seek prospects as much as to seek solutions. This means that an entrepreneur’s eyes are trained to focus on the uncommon issues that hinder progress as they have an inner gut feeling solutions will always be found.

The mindset here is not of ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it’; but rather ‘break it for better’. Further, the

mindset is one of creation. This means that their outlook is futuristic and forward-looking, to unearth

underlying challenges to the routine of life. Any routines are usually adaptations to the problems

deemed normal.

This perspective of the entrepreneur’s mindset is constantly searching for ways to create new avenues

that can be further conceptualized as revenue channels for the business. This is one key way that the

entrepreneur does to avoid resting on their laurels. This is from an awareness that the last success of a

business may well be the end if there is no consistency in creation. The focus is this value creation with

every opportunity as opposed to value maintenance. This ensures constant income and this translates to

expansion of market share for the businesses and the outcome is a sustainable enterprise lasting

economic seasons in time.

Relationship building

The entrepreneur’s mindset herein is that it takes collaboration from the inside out to create a lasting profitable enterprise. The inside begins with the internal clients and the employees of the business. A mindset that the business sees people as co-labourers in creating the intended success fosters an enabling environment for creativity. When the staff members of an enterprise feel valued, they commit to the purpose of the business, beyond the written-down mission and vision. The employees become witnesses to the transformation that the business does and are onboarded to the culture that the enterprise would like to share with the customers.

Once this is done, the customers are endeared to the ethos of the business and marketing becomes

easier. Customers, therefore, buy into the brand and are loyal to the drive that keeps the business going,

and therefore are already sold to the services or products provided. Building relationships begins from

an ‘atomic’ perspective, that is from the least of persons and least/mundane tasks to the grand. It’s the

people that make the processes work. It’s the employees that map out the customer’s journey internally. It’s the organization’s talent that creates focus points for the client experiences. Unless one is keen on paying attention to what is unseen, the visible will always reveal what is important or what is disregarded. Relationship building is about focusing on the bigger part of the iceberg that is under the water, which an entrepreneur with an abundance mindset will make space for.


An entrepreneur’s mindset is that of taking uncharted waters, albeit cautiously. Then again,

cautioned risk is an oxymoron. Risk is about the uncertainty of the outcome yet surety of the benefits of

pursuing an existing problem to provide a solution profitably. The conviction to chase prospects in an

entrepreneur's sphere of influence is unshakeable and every speech is about walking in new territories that have not been taken prior. The characteristic of a risk taker is courage and curiosity. Curiosity is about asking unspoken questions. While courage is the tenacity to go for the extra-ordinary.

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