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Boost With Facebook Part 2 is back; bigger and better and why you need to be part of it

Boost With Facebook is a global initiative by Facebook, designed to equip SMEs with the relevant skills and knowledge to effectively grow their businesses and the communities around the same. Over the past decade there has been tremendous growth especially in Kenya around online business and the growing number of smartphone owners, creating a behavior shift on businesses and consumers.

Since the onset of Facebook, the platform has been on an upward trajectory. Helping people connect and create lifelong relationships. As time went by, it metamorphosed into a business opportunity, allowing users to set up their businesses on Facebook. This transformation in itself allowed Facebook to design simple yet well-defined business features on the platform to allow businesses to thrive. As time went by, there grew a need for Facebook to create and deliver relevant training on how businesses can thrive and be sustainable through the platform that has about 3 Billion users monthly.

In 2019, Kenya was privileged to have Wylde International Limited run this program.Attracting, 3400 participants and 55 organizations from all over Kenya. There were one on one full-day sessions that involved the participants and experts in the digital marketing field to deliver the Boost With Facebook content. The success of the first phase has inspired Boost With Facebook 2, which is packed with even better content and insights on how businesses can thrive during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Why is Boost With Facebook so Important to SMEs?

It's an Opportunity to understand and analyze your numbers.

Growing numbers is one thing. But understanding how this translates to business is another. Boost With Facebook provides you the opportunity to understand what data needs to be prioritized to move your business from A to B. To make things even more interesting, you have the power to decide on this and expert digital trainers to assist you understand what it all means.

Facebook Continues to Grow and so should you

The platform continues to grow, offering a large audience for SMEs to tap into the right market segments. In Kenya, the digitally savvy generation is on the rise with convenience topping the list of factors that they look into as they interact with businesses online. Facebook is one of the platforms that appeal to this generation providing a pool of prospective consumers for SMEs.

Sustainable Option

Boost With Facebook training creates an opportunity for SMEs to understand how they can increase revenue and customer-related metrics while minimizing on marketing and advertising costs. Facebook provides so much data-driven insights on the business and consumers that allows room for making an informed decision. The decision on what to spend where and when lies with the business making it a pocket-friendly option.

Be Informed

Knowledge is a liberation technique to stay ahead and gain a competitive advantage against your competitors. Boost With Facebook content has been designed to meet the changing business and consumer needs. This is very important to note even during the COVID-19 Pandemic. As a business owner it’s important to stay in touch with trends so that you can address and design offers as per market needs.

Join the training that happens every week Tuesday and Thursday 10:00am-12:00pm where our trainers will walk you through the 4 modules that will transform your business and how it works on these platforms.

Learn more and Register your interest via >>

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1 Comment

Njoki Kiragu
Njoki Kiragu
Jul 16, 2020

This is wonderful! Keep it up!!

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