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Business Coach Or Mentor?

Do you know the difference between Coaching and Mentoring?

Coaching is conducted by a professional who asks series of questions that draw out your thoughts and the answers that you have inside of you. The answers to your challenges are developed based on your own experience, knowledge, and skills.

On the other hand mentoring is when you get an opinion informed by someone else's experience, knowledge, and skills. Typically a mentor has many more years of experience than you.

A business coach at WYLDE is able to guide you to answer your own business challenges using their professional knowledge. Whereas a business mentor will give your their perspective bases on their experience.

For example, if you have a strategy question a business coach will help you articulate your own strategy based on your experience using a set of questions and processes while a mentor may tell you which strategy they applied and how it worked for them.

You need both a business coach and a business mentor but for different reasons, different situations and they bring different results.

Would you like to engage a WYLDE business coach to help you grow your business? Share your details via and our team will reach out to engage further with you.

(pic: courtesy of Envision Business Solutions)

Article by Chris Odongo, Director of Entrepreneurship -WYLDE International

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