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Boost with Facebook Program | SME Training and Coaching | WYLDE International Case Study

Updated: Apr 12, 2021


Facebook is a global brand that offers an online platform where people connect and do business.

In sub-Saharan Africa, Facebook executes an economic impact and digital literacy program through The Boost With Facebook program.

The Boost With Facebook program is a series of training sessions that offers small business owners an opportunity to learn more about how digital tools can be used as a tool for business growth while also making meaningful connections with potential customers. The Boost With Facebook program includes four modules offering knowledge about various skills. These range from the basic use of Facebook pages and group management, to customer prospecting, to creating and managing publicity on Facebook, and more.

The Challenge

Facebook was looking for a local partner that could help deliver the program in Kenya having succeeded in South Africa and Nigeria. They were looking for a partner who could relate with SMEs and had an extensive reach in the SME space and could interface with government, private sector players, and SMEs.

The Solution

We worked with Entrepreneurship support organizations, Associations, Banks, Insurance companies, WhatsApp groups, Facebook communities, and many more. We were the first Boost With Facebook implementation partner to go online in Africa in the wake of COVID-19. The solution targeted and continues to target different organizations in government and the private sector. The program also offered strategic thinking webinars and business coaching support to select entrepreneurs.

The Impact

  • Participants in the program have been able to

  • Record improved performance in their use of social media platforms

  • See direct improvements on the bottom line of their businesses.

  • The program has brought positive conversations to light for Facebook with the Government of Kenya, more so, The Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife

  • Showcase how digital technology is enabling businesses during the COVID-19, impacting over 7000 business owners

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