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Entrepreneurship Training & Consulting

Looking to grow as an SME? WYLDE has the suite of experts and training resources that can empower you grow your business!

With our vast knowledge and deep insight on SMEs we consult for organizations working with SMEs on how to develop an effective SME engagement strategy. We have specific experience in:

  • Developing, implementing and delivering a successful SME capacity building programs

  • Developing and Implementing a Successful SME engagement Strategy

  • Understanding the SME Customer; including the Dynamics of SME growth

  • Creating effective business models, organizational design & Structures for SME engagement including pricing SME products

  • Provision of Non-Financial Services to SME Customers

  • Delivering world class relationship management for SME

The types of organizations we work with in this regard are:

  • Governments

  • NGOs

  • Corporates

For more information, contact:



our Entreprenuer Development Consultant, on 0722 476 321, or on email at

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