With our vast knowledge and deep insight on SMEs we consult for organizations working with SMEs on how to develop an effective SME engagement strategy. We have specific experience in:

  • Developing, implementing and delivering a successful SME capacity building programs

  • Developing and Implementing a Successful SME engagement Strategy

  • Understanding the SME Customer; including the Dynamics of SME growth

  • Creating effective business models, organizational design & Structures for SME engagement including pricing SME products

  • Provision of Non-Financial Services to SME Customers

  • Delivering world class relationship management for SME

The types of organizations we work with in this regard are:

  • Governments

  • NGOs

  • Corporates

For more information, contact:


our Entreprenuer Development Consultant, on 0722 476 321, or on email at chris@wyldeinternational.com

Contact Information:

You can reach us for your personal and organizational needs via the contact information below:

Email: info@wyldeinternational.com

Phone: +254701560203

SNDBX CMS Plaza, Chania Avenue, Kilimani, Nairobi, Kenya.

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