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The Scalerizer Workshop

Scalerizer is a powerful strategy workshop that challenges business owners to rethink their business strategies and uncover critical steps to capture market opportunities and grow their businesses.

How Does Scalerizer Benefit My Business

Identify your key target market

Get to clearly understand your audience and discover opportunities to communicate your product and service offering creating value for both your business and the customers​

Get your team on the same page

Learn ways to engage your team into aligning their personal expectations to that of the business for better results.

Clarify Value Proposition

Get to strategize and plan around objectively communicating your uniqueness to gain a sustainable competitive advantage

Grow your Revenue

Discover key areas of focus to work on to grow your revenue, by applying tried and tested techniques that have seen our clients grow

Program Overview

Scalerizer is delivered within a three month period broken down to four sessions.


Full day strategy session with a business expert who walks you through a sustainable value proposition, profitable revenue model and helps you identify viable market opportunities that will see you unlock the true value of your business. 


separate one-on-one Executive deep coaching sessions with a prolific  business expert for the purpose of walking you  through the implementation of the proposed action plans 


Peer-to-peer consulting workshop with fellow Business owners, hereby giving you the opportunity to network and connect with like minded individuals  , that acts as an accountability and consulting session with other fellow business owners 

What we do:

WYLDE works with ambitious entrepreneurs seeking to grow and scale their businesses while delivering impactful products and services to their customers. Wylde has worked with over 500 entrepreneurs in cohorts or directly and enabled many of them to create jobs, grow their incomes and profitability.


Our Services:

Business Conference
Working from Home


Our Flagship Program developed over the last 15 years and  delivered in a  Cohort based format. It enables entrepreneurs to identify the secret to becoming profitable and scaling. Delivered through a 1 day workshop and a coaching session, the entrepreneur is able to identify priorities that will enable their company to be on a path to becoming more profitable and to win in the market

Entrepreneurship Solutions

Wylde international has built unparalleled expertise and experience working with entrepreneurs in Africa and Beyond. Creating different solutions for different levels of entrepreneurship not limited to startup programs, programs for growth-stage entrepreneurs, coaching, workshops and consulting processes for Larger SMEs and entrepreneur-led companies

Entrepreneurship Solutions



We conduct world class business coaching using our unique methodology , developed over time that enables entrepreneurs and organizational leaders to diagnose key issues in their organisations that they need to resolve in order to improve performance and build their organisations to the next level. 


We conduct in-depth and innovative strategy planning and review sessions for Medium Sized to large Organisations as well as assisting with implementation of those plans. We will work with you to not only put in place a strategy but to also develop the right people, systems and structures to support the strategic plan so proposed.

The breadth of our offering and our ability to provide bespoke and seamless advisory services, on either a standalone or integrated basis, makes us truly unique.

Our Partners and Clients

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