Meta Boost is an array of FREE training sessions and coaching that works with small and medium sized businesses to guide them on how to digitally sustain their businesses.


The training is on the Facebook family of applications that is, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp & Messenger.

How Does The Program Benefit My Business

Learn Skills on Reaching Your Target Audience

Get to learn how to Reach a large number of potential customers both locally and globally with your social media platforms.

Develop a Digital Marketing Strategy

Get to learn and create a digital marketing strategy from business goals, budgeting, audience targeting and creatives that make you stand out in the market.

Learn how to get the most value from your advertising

Get to strategize and plan around cost effective ways of advertising using the Facebook family of applications and getting good return from ads.

Learn to measure and scale your efforts

Discover key areas of focus to measure your marketing efforts online and learn how to use the analytics and data to fuel your marketing efforts.

Program Overview

The FREE sessions are divided into 3 webinars and have a one-on-one coaching aspect after: 


Basic Module 1: Building Your Online Presence The Right Way

  • Building your online presence that is, business profile, positioning the brand.

  • Positioning content correctly.

  • Communicating with customers.

  • Reading and interpreting Facebook insights and data.

  • Wylde International will during this session take the participants through an “Introduction to Strategy” presentation which will introduce the attendees to what constitutes a successful business strategy and offer them an opportunity to learn more about the products offered at Wylde including the Scalerizer program.



Advertising Strategy: Ensuring Your Advertising Efforts are Strategical

  • How to write SMART business goals.

  • Defining your customer/target market.

  • Implementation based on strategy.

  • Value outcomes: Increasing reach, increasing sales and profit, automation of activities and advertisements, obtaining data about your customers and their habits.



Using WhatsApp & Instagram 

  • Using Whatsapp Business to grow and connect with customers.

  • Automating messages using Whatsapp Business.

  • Using Whatsapp Business to amplify Facebook and Instagram advertisements.

  • Using Instagram to grow your business.


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